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Quail Electronics is proud to offer the General Devices line of high quality Electronics Enclosures and Knock-down Racks.

This site enables configuration of an enclosure or rack to your specific requirements, and sends the configuration to Quail for prompt verification of price, availability and delivery.

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Build a 6200-70 Enclosure

Medium Duty Commercial Cabinet

VR6200-70 / VR6200-35

Series 6200 Enclosures

Build a 6200-35 Enclosure

The 6200 Series line of cabinets is a favorite of leading companies in the ATE and communications industries. This versatile series of enclosures is designed and built to pass some of the most stringent  commercial applications. The 6200 Series provides strength, versatility, and attractive appearance at a very affordable price.


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Five important comparisons for you to understand when selecting an Enclosure System from Quail Eelectronics.

Build a Series 2500 Rack

Knock-down Floor/Caster Mounted

2500 / 2600

2600 Series Rack

Build a Series 2600 Rack

This sturdy rack is ideal for the broadcast industry and is perfect for monitors, editors, tape machines, power supplies and more.

*Photo: Model 2500


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